Our quality policy and aims

The patent attorney and lawyer’s offices of Pfenning, Meinig & Partner mbB offer legal advice and representation in the whole range of industrial property protection.  Our patent agents and lawyers are familiar with a wide range of technical and legal areas, so that our clients can expect first class service in the whole area of industrial property law independently of the technical field.

Our highest aim is a long-term relationship with satisfied clients.  We offer advice in all technical and legal areas of industrial property protection under one roof and help our clients to reach their business objectives in the best possible way.  Thanks to our diverse areas of competences and the intensive exchange between us we can also offer interdisciplinary solutions to more complicated technical and legal problems.

Technical and legal skills, creativity, prompt treatment and individual response to the wishes and problems of our clients is mandatory for everyone in the law firm, attorneys as well as specialists.  We have an open and sympathetic ear for the concerns of our clients so that we may actively deal with them.

Our size ensures that our clients have the best possible accessibility to us, so that the clients receive direct and competent specialist advice as well as personal service.

Our work is backed up by a modern EDP system, which enables individual advice to be given at any time and any place by every attorney through the intercommunication of the individual offices.  As organs of justice, completely confidential handling can be expected of us in every case.  This is why the EDP is secured so that third parties cannot gain access to our clients’ data, and especially not through the Internet.

It goes without saying that we are constantly striving to keep our knowledge up to date, and that the infrastructure of our law firm is constantly being modernized.

Last but not least the pleasure that all employees of the firm take in their daily work is a prerequisite for our own satisfaction and the satisfaction of our clients with our services.  Knowing how to encourage and maintain this pleasure is our most important task.  And we achieve this especially through respectful, friendly, open dealings of all employees with one another and with the clients.

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