PMP - Tradition and modernity

Our law firm has more than 130 years of experience in industrial property protection.  The first office was opened in the Alexandrinenstraße in Berlin on 1 April 1878.  And so we are building on a distinctly long tradition.

Our clients include companies from large-scale industry as well as medium-sized businesses, start-ups and research institutes in Germany and abroad.  We look for individual tailor-made solutions for the different requirements and aims of our clients.

To meet the present and future requirements of our clients, at PMP we have constantly aimed at maintaining a modern, contemporary firm structure.  A few examples:

  • PMP is one of the first patent attorney firms in Germany to have introduced a quality management system under ISO 9001:2008, which means that the highest quality in caring for our clients is ensured.  You can learn more about our quality policy here.  As a part of this, there are regular training courses for lawyers and employees concerning the latest legal developments in Germany and abroad.
  • PMP also has an IT system that ensures the quickest possible communication between our offices in Berlin, Munich and Dresden and our clients using a virtual network.  At the same time, this guarantees the greatest possible level of security for the highly sensitive information of our clients.

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