Licencing law

Right holders may allow others to make use of these rights under licence agreements, e.g. by payment of a licence fee.  However, licence agreements may also work without payment, stipulating non-monetary compensation instead, or “cross-licencing agreements” may be made where right holders grant each other rights.

Licence agreements are generally based either on industrial property rights, such as patents and utility models, trademarks and domains, and industrial designs, or on other rights, such as copyrights; but they may also concern a simple exchange of know-how.

There are many aspects that require regulation by means of licence agreements, such as the contract territory, the contractual products, the amount of the licence fee, etc.  Of particular importance is the inclusion of issues that may not be apparent at first sight, such as, for example, certain considerations regarding anti-trust law.

We provide legal advice with a mind to the most favourable contractual agreement for you; we draft the corresponding licence agreements and support you in negotiations with possible partners both in and outside Germany.

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