Expert opinions

We assist you with legal advice even before you apply for, obtain or legally enforce any industrial property rights.  We prepare expert opinions on a regular basis in which we clearly analyse the situation and give you recommendation on further actions on the basis of this analysis.

Prior to the actual application for an industrial property right, such an expert opinion may, for example, help to make a decision whether to keep a certain invention confidential or file a patent application for it, how such an application could be structured, and what the chances are that the patent will be granted.

Furthermore, we prepare infringement opinions in which we identify the risks of an infringement of your industrial property rights as well as options for avoiding such an infringement.

Furthermore, we develop lawsuit strategies with you for systematically enforcing your rights.  For example, we provide you with legal advice as to where a suit should be filed first or which pre-litigation cease-and-desist notice may be useful.  In most cases of infringement, it may also be useful to start out by warning one particular infringer in order to make a particularly powerful impact on the market.

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