Enforcement of rights

The economic importance of industrial property rights strongly depends on the enforceability of claims against any imitators in the global market.  The true quality of an industrial property right is revealed by whether it can be enforced by law.

Our team of experienced lawyers and patent attorneys represents you in any infringement proceedings concerning any of the various industrial property rights, i.e.  patents, utility models, trademarks and industrial designs.  We also have extensive experience in the fields of trade-name law, domain law and competition law, particularly of supplementary protection concerning achievements under competition law.

We represent you in all courts of jurisdiction throughout Germany, supported by local attorney colleagues, if necessary.  In individual cases this has proved to be very helpful by taking local peculiarities of regional courts into account and making optimum use of them to enforce our clients’ rights. 

Rights are often initially enforced by requesting a preliminary injunction.  However, our range of services also extends to all types of lawsuits for enforcing cease-and-desist claims and claims for damages, disclosure of information and destruction.  It is also important to us to enforce cross-border cease-and-desist claims and to have border seizures conducted at the EU borders, because these measures can minimize the number of necessary lawsuits and, hence, your costs.

Especially in infringement proceedings where several countries are involved, knowledge of the relevant national and international regulations regarding the subject matter and local jurisdiction is essential.

Thanks to our long-standing contacts to colleagues outside Germany, we are also able to assist you in enforcing industrial property rights outside Germany and co-ordinating international infringement cases.  Such co-ordination of international infringement cases has proved to be helpful in pursuing a unified strategy in all countries involved und avoiding any inconsistencies which your opponent might otherwise make use of.

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