European Union trademark

What is a European Union trademark?

The European Union trademark (formerly also referred to as Community trademark) is a sign used to designate goods or services of an enterprise, by means of which said goods or services can be differentiated from those of other enterprises.

Maximum term of protection

The term of protection is firstly 10 years and can be extended by 10 years at a time without limit.

What can be protected?

All signs, in particular words inclusive of illustrations, letters, numbers, sounds as well as other getups inclusive of colors and color compositions serving the purpose of differentiating goods or services of different enterprises are eligible for protection.

How can a European Union trademark be filed?

Trademark protection takes effect by the filing and registration of a sign in the Register at the European Union Intellection Property Office (EUIPO).

Examination procedure

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) examines whether the filed sign is eligible for registration. Provided that all requirements are satisfied, the sign is recorded in the Register and is published.